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Member Guidelines

• Rehearsals are held every Monday from 7:15 to 10:00 pm.
• ALL members are expected to attend all of the regularly scheduled weekly rehearsals (Monday evenings at 7:15 p.m.) and the Friday night dress rehearsals prior to concerts as noted on the schedule.
• Members are expected to notify their section leader or section manager if they are not able to attend a rehearsal or concert.
• Members are expected to perform in the five annual subscription concerts as well as participate as either a performer or as a volunteer at the Sunset Serenade Dinner.

Members who miss more than 25% of the rehearsals prior to any performance will automatically be relegated to “concert leave” status and will not be permitted to play in that concert. In addition, they may not participate in the last two rehearsals prior to the concert that they will miss. Exceptions that permit “concert leave” members to perform in that concert may be made only with the approval of the section leader and director.

A member may also be relegated to concert leave status if the section leader and director feel that the member will be unable to make a positive contribution to the next scheduled concert. This situation may arise because of irregular attendance, insufficient preparation or personal issues that prevent the member from meeting the band’s musical performance standards.

If you are not able to attend a rehearsal or a performance, please notify you section leader as soon as possible. This will allow adequate time to make adjustments in seating and personnel.


• When the Conductor (or anyone else conducting Band business) is on the podium, please stop all conversations immediately and give your undivided attention to the speaker.
• All musicians are expected to tune their instrument before the start of rehearsal. The concertmaster will conduct a fast ensemble tuning process at the start of rehearsal to ensure all sections are on pitch. The ensemble tuning should be expeditious.
• When the conductor is working with other sections or groups, pay attention to his directions; they will probably be relevant to your part as well.
• Bring a pencil to make appropriate markings in your part.
• Any conversation during rehearsal should be relevant to the piece being rehearsed and should not be disruptive to the rehearsal process.
• If you don’t know an answer to a music-related question, raise your hand and ask.
• Stop playing when the conductor stops the ensemble.
• Turn off cell phones completely during rehearsal, unless there is an emergency situation.


Potential New Members will be auditioned by the section leader and/or conductor after their first rehearsal with the group.
New members will be on a one semester probation period. New members will be evaluated by the section leader and/or the conductor for regular status in the ensemble.
Enrollment in Pierce College is required.


Performance Dress
Men: Black Tuxedo, Black Bow Tie, Black Dress Shoes, Black Socks, Black cummerbund or black vest.
Women: Long (below the knees) black dress or, black slacks with black blouse.  Sleeves must be mid arm in length minimum, no spaghetti straps or cup sleeves.  Black dress shoes – no sandals or “slippers”

NO perfume or cologne.  We are “fragrant free”. 

Cases, Purses, Mute Bags

A green room will be open to store your case and other personal items.  Woodwinds are allowed small cases on the stage. 
The side areas of the stage are usually crowded with tables, chairs, stands and other theatre equipment and can sometimes get quite congested with people coming in and out.
The band is not responsible for damage to individual instruments that may occur back stage.
Only bottled water is allowed on stage.
If you have food or other items in the green room or elsewhere, take your trash out with you.