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2000 (Italy - France)

May 8 - 18, 2000
Rome, Italy
Prossedi, Italy
Scandicci, Italy
Recco, Italy
Nice, France


Our first concert took place in Proseddi, a small town tucked in the mountains southeast of Rome.  Music is a huge part of the town’s culture, with approximately 80% of the families in this town having at least one family member in the local band - Banda Musicale "Giovanni Leoni."
Prior to the concert, the Winds were treated to a wonderful reception in the town's central building, followed by the two bands playing side-by-side at an outdoor venue. After the show, the town's residents hosted a wonderful dinner for both bands.
The dinner was a traditional Italian meal with more courses than most ofthe band members were prepared to consume. The dessert was this wonderful cake commemorating the occasion. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of a special medallion to Stephen Piazza, the music director of the LA Winds.

The second concert of the tour was in Scandicci, a suburb of Florence, with Filarmonica "Vincenzo Bellini." The concert took place in the Pallazetto del Sport, a local sports plaza, with the two bands playing a joint concert.

The third and final concert of the tour was in Recco, on the coast just east of Genoa. The local band, Filarmonica "Gioacchino Rossini" was very enthusiastic about the LA Winds coming to Italy following numerous conversations with our music director. When the Winds arrived in town, the local band was waiting to greet the group and played as everyone got off the bus. The two bands played a joint concert in the beautiful Piazza Nicoloso in central Recco. Following the concert, Filarmonica "Gioacchino Rossini" hosted a reception.

A feature of all three concerts was the joint performance of an arrangement of Ernani by Verdi and Stars and Stripes Forever by Sousa.

Other stops along the tour included Rome, Sienna, Florence, Genoa, Monaco, and Nice.