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2004 Tour (Midwest)

December 12 - 15, 2004
Chicago, IL

The L.A. Winds was invited to performed at the 58th Annual Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, Il, on December 16, 2004 in the International Ballroom at the Chicago Hilton.
Our performance included guest conductors Colin Touchin and John Thrasher, and soloists Dale Underwood, alto saxophone and Ray Frisby, percussion.
It was an honor to perform for this prestigious gathering of musicians, music educators and students from all over the world.  The L.A. Winds was the first California based community enemble to perform at this event.



Fanfare for the Great Hall Jack Stamp
In Wartime David Del Tredici
Aerodynamics David R. Gillingham
Windsor Processional Charles Fernandez
Colin Touchin, Conductor
The Worried Drummer Adolph Schreiner
Ray Frisby, Percussion
The Happy Hungarian David Shaffer
John Thrasher, Conductor
A Gershwin Fantasy arr. Ralph Martino
Dale Underwood, Saxophone
New Mexico March John Philip Sousa
Aspen Jubilee Ron Nelson
Maura Piazza, Mezzo-soprano
Retratos do Brasil
  • A solidão e o amor pela cidade
  • A capoeira
  • O maracatú
  • Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro
  • Carnaval de rua em Recife
Hudson Nogueira